Throw yourself into a Jumpin suit...

Throw yourself into a Jumpin suit and experience the freedom of movement without any limits. Enjoy the ultimate comfort and use the Jumpin for what its was designed to do? Have fun!

Go snowboarding on top cold mountains, skateboard with your mates. Run across open fields, have bonfires on the beach. Party till the sun peaks up, wake up to a rainy Sunday. Spend a day on the sofa watching French films or just spend a whole day on the sofa French-kissing?

Jumpin is designed to take part in it all!
With quality and comfort in mind, Jumpin is made out of the best available fabrics and materials, making it the softest and comfiest jumpsuit around. Designed not to squeeze and push at any body parts, it sits loose and baggy on your body. The Jumpin suits come in a rainbow range of colours, which are always expanding. Find your fit at the shop and Jumpin and Chill Out!

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